THE NEXT BBSS Convention

The next convention can be proposed by any BBSS AA group. See message below.

Official site of the 2016 BBSS Convention - November 4-6 - Asheville NC - 30 speakers from Alcoholics Anonymous on all 12 steps as they are laid out in the Big Book

Since the first one held in Asheville in 2004, the program of the Big Book Step Study Convention (established by members of Alcoholics Anonymous) has relied on strong speakers to connect their own experience of working the Twelve Steps to our basic text. This year's convention program will continue that tradition with a series of 15 meetings that follow the Hyannis rotation.

Volunteers read aloud from the Big Book, followed by speakers at the podium. Short breaks between sessions are for fellowship (and endless coffee refills). Professionally recorded speaker CDs will be sold.

A new wrinkle this year is breakout sessions . These panel-style meetings will consider the challenges Big Book Step Study groups often encounter.

Click a button above to see the full program schedule and breakout session topics.

We are self-supporting according to the 7th Tradition. We can only accept donations from members of Alcoholics Anonymous.