THE NEXT BBSS Convention

The next convention can be proposed by any BBSS AA group. See message below.

Official site of the 2016 BBSS Convention - November 4-6 - Asheville NC - 30 speakers from Alcoholics Anonymous on all 12 steps as they are laid out in the Big Book

Session 1

Helpful Guidelines for Upholding the Group Conscience Statement

  • How to handle first-timers to BBSS
  • The value of diplomacy
  • YANA: the chair is not acting alone: 2nd Tradition

Session 2

Love and Tolerance in BBSS: How Much Variation in Method Still Qualifies as BBSS Experience?

  • The importance of the 4th Step as done in BBSS
  • Resentments: one notebook or two? Do we turn around each "cause"?
  • Variations on the fear part of the 4th Step - "the 3 questions" implied
  • Writing a "sane and sound ideal"
  • What about making all your amends?

session 3

What is the Relationship between BBSS and New Technologies?

  • Doing the 4th Step on a word processor
  • Using Skype/Facetime for “meetings” or doing 5th / 10th step work
  • Long-distance sponsorship via email, Facetime etc.
  • Using social media to communicate BBSS ideas/events etc.
  • How to navigate all the Big Book presences on the internet?
We are self-supporting according to the 7th Tradition. We can only accept donations from members of Alcoholics Anonymous.